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.         Public Diplomacy, Extensive real-world connections and personal relationships with political, business, media, and military leaders throughout USA, Russia, China, Poland, North Africa and the Middle East, Analysis of North Africa and Middle East issues, Analysis of insurgency and irregular warfare in the Arab world

.      News Media Consultant and Liaison

.      Media Rights Broker

.      Full Member of International Public Relations Association (IPRA)

.      Member of Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium


.      Intelligence Analyst at 

.         Public Diplomacy, Nation branding,  Classical Public  Relations\Marketing, Bundling the multitude of stakeholders of a country, finding clear messages to portray, place these messages with the media in order to reach the right target groups. Develop content and messages (such as policy briefs, situation reports, FAQs and messages for policy makers)

.      Organizing\Coordinating workshops on Public Diplomacy 

.      Communications

.      Communications Strategy

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